Resorts on Canadian side of Rainy Lake


The Fisheries Resort              807-481-2534

Coppen’s Resort                     807-481-2564

Taylor’s Cove             807-481-2526

The Landing                           807-481-1106

Point-O-Pines                         807-481-1163

Silver Muskie Lodge              218-770-3333

Spawn Inlet Lodge                  807-599-2758

McComb’s Landing                807-274-2221

Little Canoe Lodge                 807-274-3846

LaBelle’s Birch Point Camp  807-486-3345

Camp Narrows Lodge 866-294-5067

Cascades Camp                       807-274-9030

Camp Ontario                         807-274-9053

Rusty Myers Flying Service  807-274-3655 

Northern Wilderness Air        807-274-3666



Bait and tackle stores


Rainy Lake Sports/Can-Op    807-274-6429

The Great Bear/Shell              807-274-2221


Tourist Organizations

Northern Ontario Tourist Organization

Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce

International Falls Chamber of Commerce


Hotels in the area


Super 8                        807-274-4945

Rendez-Vous              807-274-9811

Bayview Motel           807-274-5347


Government sites for information


Ministry of Natural Resources

Government of Canada

Government of Ontario



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