2012 – Ice Fishing


There wasn’t much snow yet and we did get cold enough weather to make good ice most places. We usually hit Vista lake right after season opens January 1st. Trout fishing, like all fishing, can be slow sometimes but not this day.





We then like to try the Splake Lake which has always been fun.




I went once so far this year to Spawn and forgot my camera but I did get 6 crappie, 1 walleye and 3 sauger.


I caught these ones in Porter’s Inlet in a couple of hours and probably missed just as many. You can see the big mark on the graph after the first 12.5 incher which might have been one of the others. Even when packing up, you might see there is still a mark near the bottom but I had been playing with throw back saugers 6-9 inches long and had a good meal of fresh fish laying on the ice. I did an excellent beer batter with them.





Super Bowl this weekend so I went out Friday after lunch for a few hours and caught 21, 22, 17 ¾, and a 14 incher. Couple a throw backs and couple keepers.




My brother, Randy, and his daughter, Erin, came down for a fishing trip on Redgut and we got a few walleyes.




Next week we will do some crappie and splake fishing.


The crappie weren’t co-operating and we only caught a couple but the walleye, pike and splake kept us busy.








We even catch the odd eel pout, lawyer, ling cod or whatever you want to call them.



That’ll probably be it for this year’s ice fishing as this is the warmest spring on record and the ice will be out soon.

I will probably be able to go out in the boat before the season closes April 15th.